Toy story 3

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Toy Story 3 is the third Toy Story film. It follows on from Toy Story 2 .


In Toy Story 3, the toys (Buzz, Woody, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, Jessie, The aliens, Hamm, Barbie, Rex, Bullseye and Slinky) ended up in Sunnyside. Lotso directed them to the caterpillar room, where they are treated horribly.

When Buzz complained to Ken , Big Baby , the bookworm and Lotso, (after Woody left) he said there must have been a misplace. Happily, Lotso agreed to transfer Buzz into the Butterfly room. Then, Buzz told them he was just going to get his friends to tell them the good news, Lotso realised Buzz wanted to take all of Andy's old toys there. For an unknown reason (to Buzz at that time) Lotso disagreed and wouldn't let them all go in. Buzz disagreed so Lotso called on the bookworm, who gave him a Buzz Lightyear manual.After Lotso switched Buzz to Demo, he rebecame the Astro-Nothing . later toys are received by bonnie from andy.


Tom hanks as woody tim allen as buzz lightyear joan cussack as Jessie blake clark as slinky javierz a pena as Spanish buzz john ratzenberger as hamm Wallace shawn as rex Jodi bedson as Barbie don rinckeles as mr.patato head mr. tortilla head mr. pickle head


ned betty as lotso micheal Keaton as ken


john morris as andy davis Charlie bright as young andy laurie Metcalf as mrs davis Emily hann as bonnie Anderson wayne knight as al mchwigin (tv only)